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Message to the Aikido World 2015

Since O´Sensei's death in 1969, Aikido has spread all over the world. Today millions of people in almost every country practice this peaceful martial art. Nevertheless Aikido is hardly present in public perception. But as an embodied art of peace Aikido could give our world much more than its elegant and effective techniques and its profound paths to self-development.

For our revered founder O´Sensei Morihei Ueshiba making the world a more peaceful place was the determination of his art. He said: "Those who think deeply about Aikido feel that they must participate in the establishment of a universal system of truth and justice. It is our duty to serve as messengers and guides for world peace and universal brotherhood."


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The list is empty because registration for next Aiki Peace Week has not yet begun.

New Aiki Peace Week Events

Germany Schorndorf 2014-09-27

Russian Federation Stavropol 2014-09-17

South Africa Cape Town 2014-09-21

United States Denver 2014-09-13

France St Rémy la Varenne 2014-09-20

France St Rémy la Varenne 2014-09-16

Germany Fürth 2014-09-19

Germany Fürth 2014-09-18

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