The Art of Peace

This September will mark the seventh anniversary of International Aiki Peace Week (IAPW), a global celebration based on O Sensei’s vision of aikido as an art of peace, conceived by Bertram Wohak and Paul Linden, and organized by Aiki Extensions since 2010.

IAPW provides an opportunity to increase public awareness of aikido as a joyful practice of reconciliation, compassion, and nonviolence. This celebration transcends the divisions of different schools, styles, and organizations, and our collective action gives each of our efforts far more impact than they would have in isolation.

Join dozens of other dojos in countries around the world by sponsoring at least one special event between September 15 and September 21 (the United Nations’ Day of Peace) that focuses on aikido’s emphasis on peacemaking. For more specific ideas about how to participate, click here.