National Coordinators are central to the success of IAPW in their region and around the world. If you would like to volunteer to be a National Coordinator, click here.

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An IAPW National Coordinator

  • Hosts an IAPW event of their own
  • Promotes IAPW to their dojo, other dojos in their country, within their association, and to other aikido associations in their country
  • Reaches out to and communicate with previous IAPW participant dojos and encourage them to continue their participation
  • Recruits new IAPW participants, and assist them in the process of registering and accessing free resources on the website
  • Helps cultivate a sense of community among IAPW participants in their country
  • Maintains a roster/mailing list of all IAPW participants in their country
  • Assists with translation of IAPW materials
  • Collects and forward to the IAPW committee participation data for their country after each IAPW (e.g. number of participating dojos, number of participants per dojo)
  • Collects and share with the IAPW committee pictures, videos, and testimonials from IAPW participants
  • Keeps personal contact with the committee member sponsoring him/her

Aiki Extensions is committed to supporting IAPW National Coordinators, including hosting conference calls, promoting their efforts in the AE newsletter, and providing access to promotional and curricular materials. Their names are listed on this page and on the IAPW homepage, and a link to their home dojo is included.


I would like to be an IAPW National Coordinator!

I would like to be an IAPW National Coordinator!

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